Samsung Galaxy Note9 – Fortnite

Samsung continue to promote their Galaxy Note9 smartphone in this latest Fortnite Victory Dance commercial which, as the title hints at, shows men and women performing questionable dance moves from the hit online video game Fortnite. The ad is designed to let viewers know that the Note 9 phone contains the companies most powerful battery yet, so players can outlast the rest.

Music: Buscando. Artists: GTA & Jenn Morel.
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This Galaxy Note9 ad tune is the recently-released dance track Buscando. This fast-paced piece of music was recorded by the Miami-based electronic DJ duo GTA and Dominican female singer-songwriter Jenn Morel. The single was first released for download in late September.

Samsung Galaxy Note9: Fortnite Victory Dance #GalaxyNote9 YouTube video release date: November 1, 2018.