Boots Christmas Advert Song – She’s The One

Boots Christmas ad shows a girl feeling like she’s having her fun spoiled by her mum’s lack of hair styling skills and strict rules on make-up. But the daughter is later surprised to find her mum singing in a festive choir, which then inspires the girl to buy her mother some No7 lipstick for Christmas and add the message “Keep Singing”.

Advert Music: She’s The One (reworded cover).
Preview or download the Robbie Williams version on iTunes, Amazon.

Featuring the lyrics “She’s me mum”, this 2018 Boots Christmas advert song is a partially reworded cover of the track She’s The One, which was originally recorded in 1997 by British rock group World Party, before being covered a couple of years later by singer Robbie Williams.

Boots UK #GiftsThatGetThem YouTube video release date: 8 November, 2018.

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