Google Home Hub Advert Songs – Help in the Kitchen

There are a few TV commercials around right now for the Google Home Hub, but this latest ad focuses on how the device can provide users with help in the kitchen. The ad begins with amateur film footage of some cooking chaos, before switching to a professional, more relaxed look at how things can be done better with the Hub’s assistance.

First Advert Song: Messa da Requiem, II – Sequenza: Dies irae. Artists: Carlo Maria Giulini, Philharmonia Chorus & Orchestra.
Preview or download at iTunes, Amazon.

Second Advert Song: You Sexy Thing. Artist: Hot Chocolate.
Preview or download at iTunes, Amazon.

The first song playing in this Google Home Hub advert is the classical piece of music Messa da Requiem, while the second track is the 1975 disco hit You Sexy Thing by British soul group Hot Chocolate.

Google UK Home Hub: Help in the Kitchen, Help at a Glance YouTube video release date: 1 November, 2018.

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