Currys PC World – Christmas

For their new ‘Upgraded’ 2018 Christmas TV advert, Currys PC World have chosen a traditional Victorian setting, but mixed it up with some of the latest modern day technology.

The ad begins with a lady asking Google to “Play some Christmas music”, which rather confuses her butler. The camera then plans outside past a children’s choir who’re reading off tablets and a laptop, past a man riding a hoverboard, some drones flying by, then into a pub where people are watching live football on a large flat screen television and finally upstairs where a guy is being kept awake by their noise and his wife’s snoring.

Advert Music: Good King Wenceslas.

The Currys PC World Christmas advert song follows the same theme as the video by mixing the traditional with the modern day. The carol the kids are singing in the ad is Good King Wenceslas, which you can download various versions of from iTunes and Amazon. We then hear a contemporary beat played over the top of this seasonal soundtrack.

Currys PC World The Magic of Christmas Upgraded YouTube video release date: 1 November, 2018.

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