Cadbury Christmas Advert Song & Singer – Secret Santa

Here’s a look at Cadbury’s new Christmas TV advert, which shows lots of secret Santa’s sneakily dropping off chocolate treats to friends, family and co-workers when they’re not looking.

While wearing Santa masks, despite trying to not be seen at all, these men, women, and kids quietly drop off bars of Dairy Milk, boxes of Heroes and Roses, along with special festive Cadbury packs to the delight of their recipients.

Advert Music: Do You Want to Know a Secret (Beatles cover). Singer: Mathilda Homer.
Preview or download the original Beatles version on iTunes, Amazon.

This 2018 Cadbury Christmas advert song is a cover of the Beatles tune Do You Want to Know a Secret, which the Fab Four released in 1963 as part of their debut album Please Please Me. According to her Instagram page, the cover playing in this ad was recorded by London-based singer Mathilda Homer, with the music provided by English pianist Isaac Waddington.

It appears this cover was recorded especially for the Cadbury commercial and not for release as a full single, but you can of course download the Beatles original.

Cadbury Secret Santa UK YouTube video upload date: 9 November, 2018.

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