Asda – Bring Christmas Home

Supermarket chain Asda rarely disappoint when it comes to producing a contemporary and cheerful festive ad campaign and this 2018 Bring Christmas Home Asda advert is no exception.

This year’s film begins with Santa launching a cannon ball, which signals the start of some major outdoor partying in the snow. All this noise, activity and delicious-smelling food then grabs the attention of a young girl in her home. The video also features a pair of what I guess are yetis, but seeing as they have brown fur instead of white, does that make them Bigfoot’s?

Advert Music: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). Artist: Darlene Love.
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Anyway, on to this 2018 Asda Christmas advert song, which sees the retailer opt for an original version of a festive classic. The piece of music is titled Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) and was recorded by the American singer Darlene Love. This track was released in 1963 as part of the compilation album A Christmas Gift for You from Philles Records, which can now be found under the name A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector.

The actress starring in this Adsa video looked a little familiar, but we initially couldn’t think what other ad she’d appeared in. But after a quick check back through our recent posts, I realized she also appeared in the Very Toys campaign. It can bug us sometimes when we see actors in ads that we recognise, but can’t think where from.

Asda Everything You Need To Bring Christmas Home – Full Version #BringChristmasHome YouTube video release date: 2 November, 2018.

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