Argos – The Christmas Fool

Retailer Argos have made a big effort with this new 2018 festive TV advert, which encourages viewers to ‘Foolproof Your Christmas’.

The video features a rather scary-looking creature called The Christmas Fool, who wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Halloween ad. The creepy animated imp character derives great pleasure from ruining the big day for families by destroying their Christmas trees, stealing parts and instructions from children’s toys, and even turning snow into rain. But despite this guy, or girl’s best efforts, Christmas is saved thanks to the Argos same day delivery service which, in addition to bringing lots of presents, also appears to take away those pesky fools.

This 2018 Argos Christmas advert song sounds rather familiar with its orchestral music and operatic vocals, but we’re currently awaiting further details on the songs name and who recorded it. We’ll update this page once we receive further details.

Argos Christmas Fool TV Ad YouTube video release date: 2 November, 2018.

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