Aldi Christmas Advert – Kevin the Carrot, Coca-Cola Spoof

When you watch the first few seconds of this new Aldi Christmas advert, you assume it’s the long-running Coca-Cola Holidays Are Coming TV commercial, which features the song Wonderful Dream by American singer Melanie Thornton.

However, as the ad continues, you then realize it’s actually a spoof of the famous Coke campaign.

It turns out the advert is really discount supermarket chain Aldi’s festive offering, featuring the return of Kevin the Carrot. It appears Kevin has gone out and gotten himself an HGV license since we last saw him, but in true Ice Road Truckers-style, he’s jackknifed his lorry on a slippery bend. With the trailer now balancing precariously over the cliff edge, it’s time to root for Kevin.

This 2018 Aldi Christmas advert song may sound a heck of a lot like the Coca-Cola theme, but it actually includes some unique and rather amusing lyrics like “Carrot’s coming into town. Something orange shining bright. He can help you see in the night.”

Something tells us this Aldi Cliff Hanger festive ad is set to be continued, so will Kevin have an Italian Job-style “Great idea”? Looks like we’ll have to wait and see.

Aldi UK Kevin the Carrot Christmas Cliff Hanger YouTube video release date: 2 November, 2018.

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