Volkswagen Jetta Commercial – I Wanna Give In To This Love

This new TV ad from Volkswagen Canada shows a couple enjoying a romantic night under the stars in their VW Jetta. But just as the pair move in for a passionate kiss, they’re interrupted by their kids, who it turns out are with them on a family camping trip.

While they were enjoying a brief moment of alone time, the mum and dad were listening to a track called I Wanna Give In To This Love, via the cars Beats Audio sound system. Although this Volkswagen Jetta commercial song sounds like an 80’s power balled and despite it being available to stream on Spotify in this ad as part of a Top 50 Romance, we haven’t been able to find it available there or for download.

Volkswagen Canada Volksfest Clearance Event YouTube video release date: 12 October, 2018.

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