Three – Phone History – Phones Are Good

There may not be much music in it, but this new 2018 Three mobile TV advert is still a must-watch. Titled Phone History – Phones Are Good, this full-length version of the ad fights back against negative news in a comical way by showing how some of history’s key moments and events could have turned out better with the help of a smartphone.

We see the Titanic’s captain casually avoiding that iceberg, early man ordering a take away through the Deliveroo app and Henry VIII averting any ill-fated marriages with a dating app. We’re also shown Eve distracted from the temptation of that apple, Rome being saved by Linkedin and a guy getting video and photographic proof of Moses parting The Red Sea.

Three UK Phone History #PhonesAreGood YouTube advert release date: 16 October, 2018.