Dynasties BBC Trailer Song

The BBC have just released this new trailer for Dynasties, which is an upcoming 2018 landmark natural history television series presented by Sir David Attenborough. Featuring the sub-title ‘The Greatest Of Their Kind’, this documentary will follow the true stories of five of the planet’s most celebrated, but endangered animals.

Advert Music: Game of Survival. Artist: Ruelle.
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This Dynasties BBC trailer song is a track called Game of Survival that was recorded by the American electropop singer-songwriter Ruelle, whose real name is Margaret Eckford. Opening with the lyrics “Who’s in the shadows? Who’s ready to play? Are we the hunters? Or are we the prey?”, this piece of music was released for download in 2016.

BBC Earth David Attenborough Series Official BBC1 Trailer YouTube video release date: 26 October, 2018.

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