HSBC Advert with Actor Richard Ayoade

IT Crowd star and Travel Man Richard Ayoade returns in another new TV ad for HSBC, with the actor and television presenter this time telling us, after his dog attempts to sneak a read of his newspaper, that the one place you never hear the phrase “Mind your own business” is in business. The video ends with Richard stating that “Being open is good for business”.

Advert Music: Happy Together (cover).
Preview or download The Turtles original at iTunes, Amazon.

This latest HSBC advert song is an instrumental orchestral cover of Happy Together. The original version was released in 1967 by American rock group The Turtles. We’re not currently aware of who recorded the piece of music used in this commercial, but we’ll update this page when we receive further details.

HSBC Supporting UK Businesses Everywhere television ad campaign launch date: 22 October, 2018.

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