Diesel ON Smartwatch – Steve Aoki

When I first saw this ad for a touchscreen smartwatch by fragrance and fashion company Diesel, I thought, is this a wind-up? But no, it turns out it’s actually battery powered. But yes, the Diesel ON Full Guard does indeed see the Italian clothing brand taking on the likes of tech giants Apple and Samsung with their 2.5-inch touchscreen device, which includes such features as a heart rate monitor, real-time smartphone notifications and iridescent crystal visual effects.

Music: Anthem. Artists: Hardwell & Steve Aoki (feat. Kris Kiss).
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This Diesel ON watch commercial tune is a dance track called Anthem that was released for download in April, 2018. The fast-paced piece of music was recorded by Dutch DJ, producer and remixer Hardwell, along with electro house musician, producer and DJ Steve Aoki, who’s the guy starring in the ad video. Anthem also features UK singer and rapper, Kris Kiss.

Diesel X Steve Aoki – Diesel ON Touchscreen Smartwatch YouTube video release date: October 16, 2018.