Amazon Prime, Vitality – Dog Raincoat

When I first saw the Vitality dog in this Amazon TV ad, I thought the online retailer must have pulled off a big transfer deal to secure the services of this lovable Dachshund. However, it turns out instead to be a combined ad campaign promoting both Amazon Prime and Vitality health & life cover.

The video begins with Stanley taking delight in the “Sweet rain” as he looks outdoors because, unlike most dogs, this little character prefers to avoid walks and exercise in general. But after a delivery from “The Amazon”, Stanley is displeased to learn his owner has purchased a dog raincoat for him which, to be honest, looks made to measure and very cute.

Advert Music: Parklife. Artists: Blur.
Preview or download at iTunes, Amazon.

The song playing at the end of this 2018 Amazon-Vitality advert is the 1994 single Parklife by Britpop group Blur, which was the title track of the groups third studio album.

Vitality UK YouTube video release date: 16 October, 2018.

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