Audi Q8 – Big Entrance

The new Audi Q8 makes a big entrance in this dramatic TV ad campaign. Set at night in a shipping yard, the commercial shows a container being delivered and opened, then an orchestra begins playing as the Q8 SUV drives out and away.

Music: Requiem II: Dies Irae (Verdi). Musicians: Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra.

The classical music being performed during this Audi Q8 advert is Requiem II: Dies Irae (Verdi). The version featured here was recorded by the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, but this version hasn’t currently been released for download. You can however download many other version from iTunes and Amazon, including one by the Berlin Philharmonic.

Audi Q8 – Big Entrance (Extended Cut) YouTube video release date: 3 September, 2018.

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