Audi A7 – Where Next?

This is the TV advert music info for the new Audi A7 Where Next? ad campaign, which shows a man thinking about his work and family lift, while travelling in a lift down to an underground car park where his A7 awaits.

Audi A7 Advert Song and Singer Info
Music: Don’t Stop. Artists: Faultline, featuring Bat For Lashes.
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The soundtrack to this commercial is a cover of the song Don’t Stop, which was originally recorded by British-American rock group Fleetwood Mac. Released in 1977, the track includes the lyrics “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. . . Yesterday’s gone”. This new version was produced by Audi advert regular Faultline and includes vocals from the singer Natasha Khan, who goes by the stage name Bat For Lashes. This new cover is now available to download.

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