Coca-Cola – One Way Or Another

Coca-Cola’s current ad campaign lets viewers know that their original Coke taste is available “One Way Or Another” – With sugar or without. However, the guy at the beginning of the commercial couldn’t seem to care less, as he just loves Coke!

So it appears that whether you’re trying to avoid sugars or just can’t get enough, this soft drinks brand have you covered. You can even get caffeine free diet coke.

Music: One Way Or Another. Artists: The FAIM.
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You may have already noticed that the music used in this Coca-Cola advert is a cover of Blondie’s One Way Or Another, but you may be wondering who’s singing it. This isn’t boy band One Direction’s Teenage Kicks mashup version from 2013, but is in fact a recently-released cover by Australian alternative pop-rock band The FAIM.

This Perth-based groups line-up consists of lead singer Josh Raven, bassist/keyboard player Stephen Beerkens, guitarist/keyboard player Michael Bono and drummer Sean Tighe. The FAIM recently brought out a separate six-song EP titled Summer Is a Curse.

One Way Or Another was originally released in 1979 by American new wave band Blondie. With Debbie Harry on lead vocals, the track featured on the groups hit album Parallel Lines.

Coca-Cola Great Britain & Ireland Great Coke Taste, With Or Without Sugar YouTube advert video release date: 8 August, 2018.

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