Boots – Move With It

Here’s the Boots ad music info for the pharmacy chain’s Summer to Autumn campaign, which tells viewers “It’s not just how it makes you look. It’s how it makes you feel”. The Move With It ad finishes with a number of familiar faces, including BBC Click presenter Kathleen Hawkins.

Music: Dance, Shake, Move. Musician: Mason.
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The song featured in this Boots advert is Dance, Shake, Move, which was released in March, 2018. The track was produced by Dutch DJ Mason, whose real name is Iason Chronis, and includes the vocals “Gonna dance, gonna shake, gonna hit you like an earthquake. . . Move with it”. Mason previously achieved a number 1 on the dance chart here in Britain back in 2007 with the single Exceeder.

Here’s a look at the full Mason – Dance, Shake, Move official VEVO video which, at the time of writing this, has surprisingly only been viewed around 25,000 times since being uploaded back in April.

Boots TV advert YouTube video release date: 29 August, 2018.

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