Nissan Juke – Never Compromise

This advert for the Nissan Juke shows us that you don’t need to take car sound systems or parking assist cameras to the extreme, in order to get the desired experience. Meaning that with the Juke, you need never compromise on technology.

The music playing in this ad is a song released back in 2015 called Cream On Chrome. The track was recorded by Brooklyn-based electronic-rock duo Ratatat, who consist of multi-instrumentalists Mike Stroud and Evan Mast. Cream On Chrome was the first single to be released from the groups fifth studio album Magnifique, which impressively topped the US Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart.

Nissan Juke Advert Music
Music: Cream On Chrome. Artists: Ratatat.
Preview or download at iTunes, Amazon.
Official Music Video:

Nissan Juke: Never Compromise On Technology UK advert video upload date: 13 July, 2018. The commercial shows a guy pull up alongside a hot rod with giant speakers, only to turn up the volume on the Juke’s own full 360 sound system. He then watches a taxi cab attempt to park, with the help of a team of camera drones linked to multiple dash-mounted screens, before using Nissan’s full 360 vision intelligent around view monitor to help him parallel park in a tight space.

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