McDonald’s Wraps – Bold Move

McDonald’s introduce viewers to their new Fiery Buffalo Chicken One wrap in this Bold Move ad campaign video, which shows a guy daydreaming about dating the girl who’s about to serve him. Although it sounds to us like the actress in this ad has an Australian accent, this does appear to be an original McDonald’s UK video.

McDonald’s Wraps Advert Music 2018
Music: What If’s And Maybe’s. Artists: Bromheads.

The fast-paced indie rock song playing in this advert is What If’s And Maybe’s by Sheffield band Bromheads, who formerly went by the name of Bromheads Jacket. The single was released in 2006 and can also be found on the groups debut album Dits from the Commuter Belt.

McDonald’s UK Bold Move, Wraps ad video release date: 26 June, 2018.

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