What’s the Black Earth Rising theme song? – Netflix, BBC Two Drama

Hugo Blick’s new 2018 to 2019 drama Black Earth Rising has begun airing in the UK on BBC Two, with the series due to air in other countries via the streaming service Netflix.

What’s the Black Earth Rising theme song called and who performs it?

The soundtrack to this shows opening sequence was one of the last pieces of music ever recorded by Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Leonard Cohen. The track was released in 2016 and won a Grammy Award in 2018 for Best Rock Performance. You can download the full song from Amazon and iTunes on its own, or as part of the album of the same name.

Black Earth Rising is an international thriller written, directed and produced by Hugo Blick, starring actors John Goodman and Michaela Coel. The first of 8 episodes aired on BBC2 on Monday 10 September, 2018.