Audi Approved – Dream

‘It doesn’t have to be new to be everything you dreamed of’ 2018 Audi Advert Music – Audi UK brings us this brand-new TV ad campaign to promote their approved used cars. The video begins by showing an invisible car driving along wet roads, before the dream becomes the reality of a used Audi car.

Advert Music
Music: All I Do Is Dream of You. Artists: Faultline featuring dodie.
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The music playing in this commercial is a cover of a song from Singing in the Rain called All I Do Is Dream of You, with a few of the lyrics slightly rearranged. This is a new cover of the song, which was recorded for the Audi ad by their go to music producer Faultline, along with singer dodie.

Audi Approved ‘Dream’ ad video release date: 12 June, 2018.

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